Dale Jobes

DaleJobes2-150x225Dale Jobes is the Executive Vice President of Cintel, Inc. and Chief Executive Officer of Strategies, Inc. with business development, strategic planning/integration, capture management, operations, executive leadership, program management, project management, and analysis experience in the engineering, energy, modeling and simulation, and geospatial sectors. Dale’s direct experience with state, academic, federal, and private entities comes from his employment with Magnolia River Geospatial, Magnolia River Services, Georgia Emergency Management Agency, USRA/NASA, University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the University of North Carolina.

In addition to his business experience, Dale is experienced and heavily involved in multiple non-profit entities in the following areas: economic development (Energy Huntsville and GEO Huntsville), community development (CornerStone Initiative), and government affairs (AL-MAPPS). He currently serves as a board member of the Alabama MAPPS chapter and the CornerStone Initiative.

Dale has had the honor of working with Mayor Battle, the Chamber, and many local leaders to co- initiate, create, and grow Energy and GEO from small groups to initiatives with over 300 companies, non-profits, government entities, universities, and utilities involved. Dale has also served as the Chairman of Energy Huntsville and is currently an advisor for Energy and GEO Huntsville.

Dale is a native Huntsvillian that attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville to earn a bachelor’s degree in Physics with a focus in Atmospheric Science & GIS. Dale then attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to earn a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Engineering as well as a graduate GIS certificate.